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Where to Buy Korean Beauty and Skin Care Products in Germany

Missing your beloved Japanese and Korean skincare brands in Germany since you moved here? Read where you can buy Korean beauty products in Germany. 


Are you a life long K-beauty devotee who just moved to Germany? It’s nice to meet you, my fellow Korean skincare geek!

As a huge fan of snail slime, bee venom and all the good things that make your skin go chok chok, I used to have a hard time finding my favourite Korean beauty and skincare products in Germany. However, the good news is that Japanese and Korean skincare trend is quickly catching up in Germany.

In this post, I’m doing a round-up of some of my favourite (and trusted) shops and online stores which deliver authentic K-beauty brands right at your doorsteps in Germany.


Disclaimer: Some of the links are affiliate links that will allow me to earn a small amount of money (should you buy something using these links). It helps me maintain the hosting costs of this blog!


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Jump straight to the list of online stores where you can buy Korean skincare products in Germany.


Continue reading if you are a complete K-beauty noob that accidentally ended on this page. 😉



What is Korean Beauty & What’s All That Fuss About?


Korean beauty aka Asian Beauty (AB) aka K-beauty – these are all the same things. A Korean skincare method uses a multiple-step routine that incorporates products that each serve an individual purpose

The philosophy of Korean skincare is implementing a skincare routine that is gentle and nourishing so that your skin can fight for itself, rather than fighting your skin with harsh ingredients and products. 

I adopted Korean skincare a few years ago after my skin suffered years of anti-acne products that only dried and irritated it. Those harsh ‘skincare’ products actually caused the problem they were supposed to fix! Now that my skin completely healed up it looks much better than it did in my 20s.


How Does a Korean Beauty Routine Work?


Any AB veteran will tell you that there is no “one size fits all” routine in Korean skincare. Your mileage may vary because everybody’s skin is unique. Generally speaking, there is a multi-step procedure where each step consists of a product that is aimed at targeting your specific skincare needs.

The easiest way to start your first Korean beauty routine is to focus on four key products:

  • First Cleanser
  • Hydrating Toner
  • Moisturiser
  • Sunscreen

Make sure to introduce each step one at a time for at least a week. This way if you get a bad reaction you’ll know which product caused it.

So curious to try Asian or Korean skincare routine? Well, then continue here to find the Korean beauty brands in Germany.


buy kbeauty in germany



Where to Buy Korean Beauty Products in Germany





Amazon.de has various sellers offering J-beauty and Korean skincare products. You have to know exactly what you need to buy though because there is no specific category for Korean or Asian skincare products on Amazon.de. Besides this, you also have to comb through a swarm of promoted products to get to the real deal.


buy cosmetics online germany
Source: Sulwahsoo.com


I regularly buy Sulwhasoo, Etude House products on Amazon.de and never had any issues. Some of my holy grail J-beauty brands like Hada Labo, Biore, Kose are also widely available on Amazon and I have been happy with my purchases so far.

But buying Japanese and Korean beauty products on Amazon in Germany is not without problems.

One caveat is that it’s hard to verify the authenticity of the sellers and their products. I’ve never had any bad experience so far but I’m always uncertain if I’m gonna get a fake or dupe! To avoid this I always buy products from the same sellers or those with several 100s of positive reviews.



Delivery times can be extremely long for one. My tip for ordering Korean beauty products on Amazon: Place your order at least 3-4 weeks in advance. Some products are shipped all the way from Japan or Korea and it can take a long time to get to Germany. An alternative is to order products that are delivered with Amazon Prime in which case you can get them within two working days.


korean cosmetics online germany
Source: Hada Labo Tokyo Website



YesStyle DE


YesStyle is a long-established distributor of Asian beauty brands across the globe. They ship to Germany as well. I discovered them only recently and was thrilled to see that key carry some of my favourite J-beauty as well.

Here is a list of Japanese skincare products on YesStyle. And a select few brands that I have used and recommend.

Kao (Biore, Curel)





Rohto (Hada Labo!!!)

See the complete list of Korean beauty brands on YesStyle. Here are select few that I really like!

Beauty of Joseon

Etude House




Real Barrier 





Douglas DROGERIE-Welt


Douglas is one of the best-known drugstores in Germany. It’s actually more than just a ‘drugstore’ since it carries some of the most premium cosmetics and beauty brands in the world. Recently they started distributing some popular Japanese and Korean skincare brands as well.


korean skincare europe
Source: DrJart.com


Douglas has presence is nearly every big or medium German city, so no matter where you are you will be able to find their stores. However, depending on your city, they may or may not carry your favourite products.

Thankfully, you can always order online. They have a large collection of various J-beauty brands and  Korean beauty brands on their website.



K-beauty brands on Douglas

Here is a list of all Korean skincare brands that I could find on Douglas.de.



Dr. Jart

Dear Klairs

Holika Holika


korean products in germany
Source: Douglas.de

I’m From

It’s Skin



korean cosmetics germany
Source: Douglas.de








J-beauty brands on Douglas

Douglas doesn’t have a large collection of Japanese brands, unfortunately. If you are a big J-beauty geek, keep on reading to find stores with larger collection of your favourite Japanese products.


buy J beauty products in Germany
Source: Douglas.de






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Flaconi is relatively new but a major cosmetics and skincare stores in Germany. They also have physical shops in three cities in Germany, including Berlin.

They carry several Korean skincare products for the German market. You can also buy Korean skincare products online on their online store. Thankfully, Flaconi also has some Korean beauty brands that Douglas.de does not carry.

Here is a list of major Korean beauty brands that you can buy on Flaconi.de











Sephora, just like Douglas has both brick and mortar stores and an online store. They have several stores in some major German cities like Nürnberg, Frankfurt, Cologne, etc. Check this page to see if they have a store where you live.

If you are unable to find Asian skincare products in Sephora brick & mortar store, then you can 100% order them from their online shop. They also have Korean brands like Belif, Laneige and Caolion that I couldn’t find anywhere else! They also have a bigger collection of Tonymoly products.






If you live in Bavaria, then you are in luck. Missha has two stores in Munich and one in Ingolstadt. You can also make an online appointment for a one to one consultation at one of their stores through their website.

The brand website is also the official Missha online shop for the entire DACH region. They carry the entire range of Missha skincare, makeup and accessories in their online shop.


buy missha online germany
Source: Missha EU website



Dear Klairs


Dear Klairs is known as a minimalist Korean skincare brand. Their formulations contain only the most necessary ingredients. Plus they are vegan and cruelty-free. They have a German online store as well!


buy asian beauty brands in germany
Source: Dear Klairs Website


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Is Tonymoly your holy grail? I have good news for you. They have an EU shop!! You can find their entire collection on this online store.


korean beauty online germany
Source: Tonymoly.de



It’s Skin


It’s skin also has an online German store. If you are a fan, you can shop for all It’s Skin products. Plus they also send free samples with each order!


buy It's Skin in Germany
Source: It’s Skin Website



Other Stores Where You Can Buy Korean Beauty Products in Germany

Here is a list of stores that also ship Asian and Korean beauty products in Germany. I have not tried these online shops yet but thought it would be nice to have more options.


DM: DM is a very popular German drugstore and carries a small collection of Korean skincare products. You can buy them online or from a DM store in your city.

MiiN Cosmetics: MiiN is a Spanish store offering Korean beauty products with franchise stores in Germany. They also have an online store which ships to Germany.

Missy and Missy: A small online store based in Germany and carries various Korean beauty brands like Benton, Blithe, Cosrx D’Alba, Holika Holika, Isntree etc.

K-Beauty House: Another online store offering some heavy hitters from Korean skincare like Missha, Benton, Banilla, Skinfood and more.


So this was my non-exhaustive list of stores where you can buy Korean skincare products in Germany.

Just remember, no matter what you end up buying, choose a gentle yet effective routine works for you, is within your budget and makes you (and your skin!) happy.


korean skincare in germany


So this was my wrap up of where you can Buy Korean Beauty Products in Germany. Do you know any other stores – online or physical where you can buy Japanese and Korean skincare products in Germany? Let us know in comments below. 

Hi there, I am the human behind this blog. If you could not tell by my photo, I am fueled by tea. My expat journey started at the age of 19. Germany has been my home for several years. I hope you will find some helpful insights if you are considering moving to Germany or already live here.

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