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Hi there, I'm Yamini!
Welcome to my blog about expat life in Germany.

I’m a 30-something expat living in Franconia, currently on a journey to ‘make it in Germany’ as a solopreneur. If you are are interested in moving to Germany and set up a freelance or solopreneur career, then you’re at the right place. 😊

But enough about me.
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Fancy Freelancing in Germany? Read about how to apply for German freelance visa from outside Germany or prepare for your German freelance permit in Germany. Learn about German freelance taxes, creating correct VAT invoices and more.

Preparing to move to Germany? Learn about day to day German expat life. How to find a rental in Germany, your tenant rights, buy a house, German garbage disposal system and everything in between. Find out the best German beer cities and more!

So you want to work remotely in Germany? Well it is truly possible! Learn from someone who has been doing it for past six years! Read my tips about how to find remote jobs in Germany and set up a 100% remote work career. 

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