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    Internship in Germany: How and Where to Find One

    Interning in Germany is a common and encouraged way to gain professional experience if you’re planning to move there. Taking an internship (Praktikum) will help you understand Germany’s working culture and communication, business etiquette, and work-life-balance without getting a culture shock. 1. Why Should You Intern in Germany? Specifically, for people in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics field (STEM), it’s one of the best countries to gain experience with big audacious companies. From logistic giants such as DHL to engineering masterminds such as MAN, these companies will give you the experience worth boasting for. It will look good on your CV. 😉 Plus, working for a German company in…

  • Study in Germany

    Considering Study Abroad? Why Germany Might Be Your Best Choice.

    Curious about studying in Germany as an international student? Read this post to learn what are your possibilities and how you can study in Germany in English as well!   Studying abroad is an adventure that not all of us get to experience. There are so many reasons to study abroad at least once in your life, and even more so for studying in Germany. To me, the idea to move to Germany came several years ago when I decided to make a major career and life change and immigrate long term to Germany. I had tested the waters during a temporary stay in Germany by enrolling in a language…