• Getting a pet in Germany
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    Missing a Furry Friend? Here’s How to Get a Pet in Germany

    Did you have to leave your furbaby behind when you relocated to Germany? Or are you finally at the right time and place in your life to get your four-legged buddy? *quietly raises hand* In this post you can find out how to get a pet in Germany.    There is no need to feel shy about wanting companionship. After all, we are all expats, living miles away from home. Nurturing meaningful human friendships can take a long time in a new country, so no one can judge you for wanting a loyal pet to keep each other company. Here are a few ideas about how to get your own…

  • Learning German in Germany
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    An Ordeal of a German Language Student in Denial

    So, for about a year I’ve been learning the German language on and off in a small humble city of Germany.  It is an ongoing process and I think I’ll never stop learning it. Here is just me trying to describe the emotional rollercoaster that I’ve experienced while learning the great German Vernacular. Stage One: That new exciting Aufregendes Gefühl So it is your early days. You’re full of zing about going to the language school with your shiny little A1 books. You’re still learning a new alphabet, basic vocabulary and simple starter grammar rules. It all seems just so easy and exciting. Even the “Articles” that you thought never…