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Best English Accounting Software in Germany 2021

Like most non-German speaking freelancers I have also suffered hair-pulling moments while managing my accounts and taxes. However, life got much better, once I found out that there are plenty of English accounting software in Germany. Here is a summary of some of the accounting software for freelancers in Germany that support multiple languages. 


Invoicing software in Germany


As a freelancer in Germany, you can totally get by manually creating VAT invoices for your clients.

However, creating an invoice in Word or Excel costs time does not comply with the legal requirements and carries a high risk of error.

With the right accounting and invoicing software for freelancers, you can avoid costly mistakes, save valuable time in the boring soul-sucking admin work and stay on the safer side of the law.

But how do you know if you really need accounting and invoicing software in Germany?

Well, that depends on your business situation.

  • Is your client base growing fast?
  • Do you have to create multiple invoices each month?
  • Do you have to register VAT every quarter?
  • Do your clients pay late and force you to send them payment reminders and Mahnung?


If you answered YES to all of the above, then trust me an accounting tool will make your life as a freelancer in Germany so much easier. Plus it’ll be lighter on your pockets as you could save hundreds if not thousands of euros in an accountant’s fee per year.


In this post, I have compared some popular invoicing tools and given some tips on choosing the right English accounting software in Germany.


English accounting tools in Germany



Disclaimer: This blog post may include affiliate links. These links do not cost you anything but I might earn a small commission if you decide to order something from one of my recommended partners. Thank you for your support to help keep this platform growing!


1) Recommended English Accounting Software in Germany


An ideal invoicing and accounting software should automatically create invoices, monitor open invoices, compare them with incoming payments or create payment reminders or dunning letters for unpaid invoices. International freelancers with a German and global client base would also want multiple language compatibilities. 

When reviewing invoicing and accounting tools available in Germany, I kept the following factors in mind: 

  • Compatibility with multiple languages, especially English – since you may not be a fluent German speaker
  • Easy to terminate the contract since expat freelancers may be in Germany for a short term
  • Compatibility with multiple countries and geographic areas
  • Ability to submit an advance VAT return to German tax authorities (Umsatzsteuervoranmeldung)
  • GOBD and GDPR compliant 
  • User-friendliness and a clean user interface
  • The extent of invoicing and accounting features
  • Third-party apps and integrations
  • Price and customer and tech support

Based on the above criterion, I chose the following four as the best English accounting software in Germany for international freelancers and expats.


Accounting Software






Regional Compatibility










Invoicing and Accounting Features





3rd party Apps Integrations





GOBD & GDPR Compliant 










Contract Flexibility

Monthly cancellation

Monthly cancellation

Monthly cancellation

Monthly cancellation

Customer -Tech Support  





Trial Period


14 Days

30 Days


Free Account

Starting Price

5,14 €

6,50 €

6,00 €

6,66 €



2) Invoicing Software in Germany For Expats


Here are some accounting and invoicing software in Germany at low monthly costs that are widely used by local and international small businesses and freelancers. 

They are GOBD and GDPR compliant. You can use them as SaaS solutions – so no downloading or installing large software in your computers! Many of them are also accessible as an app, so you can keep an eye on your account on the go. Note that all these accounting software that I picked also support multiple languages including English.

So let’s take a look at these accounting tools one by one.


2.1) Basic accounting + online tax filing tools for expat freelancers in Germany



If you have relatively simple accounting needs then you will benefit greatly from Sorted.

Sorted is an online tax filing tool created to serve the needs of English speaking sole traders and freelancers in Germany.

This tool single-handedly takes care of ALL stages of being self-employed in Germany:

    • Register as a freelancer in Germany in English through Sorted
    • Keep a track of your expenses and invoices
    • Generate invoices within its UI
    • File all your German freelancer tax reports in English – Income-tax return (Steuererklärung), Annual VAT return (Umsatzsteuererklärung), Annual profit report (EÜR), Advance VAT declaration (UmsatzsteuerVoranmeldung)
    • Get on-demand help from a certified German tax consultant (at an additional but reasonable charge)

Language: English and simple German

Cost: Sorted’s basic invoicing, expense and income recording features are free for all users.

Kleinunternehmer (or freelancers earning under €22,000 per year) can report their freelancer taxes and VAT annually for €80 per year.

High earning freelancers who report VAT monthly or quarterly can use Sorted’s Pro’s plan for €60 per quarter.

Click here to learn more about Sorted



Accountable is a Belgium based online tax and accounting tool, and now it is also available to freelancers in Germany. The best thing about Accountable is that you can also download it as an iOS and Android app making your business finances completely accessible from anywhere.

It offers free as well as paid plans to accommodate freelancers with varying requirements. With a free account, you can test various bookkeeping features for unlimited time.

Accountable also offers an efficient way of connecting freelancers with accountants in Germany –  completely on-demand and tailored to individual accounting and tax requirements. Freelancers who need professional help can choose their accounting services at a fixed cost, so they never have to worry about paying extortionate Steuerberater fees in Germany.

Language: English and German

Cost: Free plan with limited features. Paid plan starting at €7.50 per month.

Find out more about Accountable’s features here.




2.2) Invoicing tools for Digital Nomads in Germany


If you are a digital nomad planning to stay in Germany for just a few months you don’t need to invest in a completely new German or EU accounting tool.



FreshBooks is an international accounting and invoicing tool that can be used in multiple European languages and currencies.

FreshBooks UI offers an invoice generator that makes creating professional looking and branded invoices ridiculously easy. It is very simple to create and customise invoices, add your business logo, payment terms and VAT rates. Besides basic invoicing, the tool comes with a number of robust accounting and bookkeeping features.



FreshBooks is also GDPR, PCI and PSD2 compliant, so you and your client’s data and privacy are safe and sound in their servers.

If you want to try FreshBooks, they offer unlimited access to all features for 30 days. No contract and no credit card required.

Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch and many more.

Cost: FreshBooks’ Lite plan for freelancers starts with $ 13.50   $6.00 per month.

Sign up for a 30-days Free account here




2.3) Invoicing tools for English-speaking freelancers in Germany


If you are planning to live in Germany only for a couple of years, then maybe it's better to get a light invoicing or accounting tool with a flexible contract and multiple language support.


Billomat Business

Billomat is an invoicing and accounting program that supports the entire bookkeeping process. The "Billomat Business" version, is intuitive to use and offers all the functions from invoice generation to bookkeeping.

If you are looking for an invoicing program and would also like to do your own bookkeeping, Billomat is a great choice. Billomat's Solo plan is perfect for freelancers and side hustles like bloggers.

Languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese

Cost: Billomat's Solo plan starts at €6/ month

Click here to start a 30-day free trial (NO credit card details required). 

eine minute 960x250 jpg



2.4) Invoicing tools for EU or multilingual freelancers in Germany


If you are a freelancer from one of the EU countries and would like accounting software with multiple European languages then here are some recommendations for compatible accounting tools.


sevDesk Invoice

sevDesk is a German accounting software that allows users to switch between multiple EU languages. Its sevDesk Invoice plan includes automatic quotes and offers generation and invoice creation and payment reminders. SevDesk also has a mobile app and is excellent in terms of usability. Its accounting interface is very neat, compatible with DATEV export and offers a 'tax consultant access'. An upgrade to the powerful version "sevDesk Accounting" is possible at any time. You can also cancel your account on a monthly basis.

Languages: English, German (DE, CH, AT), French, Italian, Spanish, Greek.

Cost: You can start using sevDesk Invoice plan from €6,90 per month.

Click here to test SevDesk for free for 14 days.



2.5) Invoicing tools for German-speaking expat freelancers in Germany


Is Germany is your forever home now? Maybe you are fluent in German but still prefer to use a tool compatible with English? Here are some German accounting tools that offer English translations as well.



The Lexoffice "Invoice & Finance" invoicing plan offers a powerful package with good intuitive usability and mobile apps, and obviously a full-featured accounting suite. It can create offers, invoices, delivery notes, credit notes, payments and most importantly, payment reminders.

Besides this, Lexoffice also offers integration with popular German online business banks such as Kontist, Penta and Holvi. This lets you can automate bookkeeping in real-time. Other popular 3rd party apps such as Zapier, Paypal, Shopify are also available.

There is no trial period with Lexoffice, however, you can easily cancel your services on a monthly basis.

Languages: German and English translations of invoices and other templates

Cost: Lexoffice's 'lite' plan starts from €5,14/ per month

Click here to sign up for Lexoffice




Free Business Account for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs - Holvi




Fastbill is a simple invoicing software for freelancers and online merchants i.e. those with e-commerce stores. Therefore, it comes with inbuilt integrations with the most popular shop systems out there such as Amazon, Jimdo, Woocommerce etc. Fastbill offers all billing functions except for dunning, which an online retailer may not need. Besides this, they also have a mobile app with a great look, feel and usability.

Their basic plan starts at €8,99 per month and you can work with unlimited documents. You also get a personal onboarding session with any Fastbill plan.

Languages: German and PLUS the functionality to add custom language templates

Cost: Fastbill's basic plan starts at €8,99 per month

Click here to start a Fastbill 14-day FREE trial


Kontist Free - Kostenloses Geschäftskonto für Selbständige und Freelancer


3) What to Consider Before Buying an Accounting Software in Germany


As you can see from the above section that there are tons of accounting and invoicing software in Germany. Here are some of the features that you should carefully consider when investing in bookkeeping software.


It should fit your requirements: If you are a freelancer with only a handful of invoices and expenses per month there is no need to get a fully featured bookkeeping tool. A starter plan suitable for busy freelancers should suffice. On the other hand, if you are selling digital products or run an e-commerce business, then you may need some additional features to manage and organise all the transactions.


It should have an intuitive user interface:  Accounting is already a complex part of running a business. The last thing you need is a UI that complicates the process even more. An ideal invoicing and accounting software should take work off your hands and save time. Therefore its user interface must be intuitive and easy to learn.



It should be scalable and 'upgradable': As your business grows, the demands on the billing software will also increase. You should take this into account when buying the software.


It should have robust data protection features: Your accounting software often doubles up for managing customer data (CRM). Since so many invoicing and bookkeeping software solutions are available as SaaS, you should attach great importance to data security.


It should offer data backup and recovery: Any accounting software contains very important information which is relevant from a tax point of view. In Germany, you are required to maintain financial records for several years. Before buying invoicing software in Germany, make sure that the provider offers regular data backups and restoration in case of an accident.


It should offer an ideal price/performance ratio: Although most well-known accounting software have very similar features, you should take a close look at the costs of the functionalities offered. This point becomes particularly important when upgrading from basic to 'pro' versions.


Holvi - Einfach. Sicher. Papierlos.


It should have excellent (and fast) customer support: If there are problems with the invoicing software, timely support from the provider is important. Please check whether a service hotline is offered and what costs may be incurred.


It should have a free trial phase: A test drive is a must before you commit to buying an accounting software in Germany. Take advantage of a free trial period and test the billing programs that are on the shortlist.


It should offer a knowledge base or/ and onboarding: Although many invoicing tools can be operated intuitively, the accounting software provider should also offer a comprehensive knowledge base or an onboarding program for first-time users. 



It should have GOBD conformity: Any invoicing software in Germany must comply with German legal requirements. For example, the storage periods of 10 years, the completeness of the documents and the non-manipulability of created documents, especially the invoices are crucial in German tax laws. Check and re-check if the accounting software of your choice conforms to these regulations. 



Read More: English Online Tax Tools For German Expat Tax Return (That cost Under €50!)



Accounting and invoicing tools in Germany



So here is my summary of the best English accounting software in Germany. Do you use some other tool for your invoicing and accounting? Tell us in the comments below!

Hi there, I am the human behind this blog. If you could not tell by my photo, I am fueled by tea. My expat journey started at the age of 19. Germany has been my home for several years. I hope you will find some helpful insights if you are considering moving to Germany or already live here.


  • andrea

    I am super confused by this. I have Lexoffice and I absolutely hate it. It’s not in English, it’s horribly inflexible and you can’t edit things. And I still cannot do anything I want. I only got it becasue it’s compatible with Kontist, my business banking app.

    • Yamini

      Hey Andrea, Sorry to hear this. That’s correct the primary language of Lexoffice is German (which is why it’s placed in the German tools section). It does however have English translations that can be customised.

  • TreLeoni

    As somebody being affected by Wave closing their business to businesses outside of the US and Canada, finding your site has been a rela helpful. Living in Germany but offering consultancy to mainly non-German companies I’m just looking for a easy to use no fuss application. Sure one of your recommendations will fit just fine. Apprecaite your time and effort collating this. Thank you.

  • Craig Cloete

    Hi Yamini

    Thank you for the article about English accounting software in Germany. It was very interesting.
    I initially jumped in and signed up with Quickbooks (the accounting package I use for my business in South Africa) only to find out that even though it is sold in Germany, there is no German language option. It is also not able to integrate with DATEV without a 3rd party migration tool. (This is the software that all German Tax consultants use.)

    I will definitely look at your suggestions and switch to one of them. Keep up the good work.

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